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Porn On The Moon

As any red-blooded American knows, astronauts are the embodiment of all that's wholesome and good in our grand Union. What you might not know, is that space-peoples are just as big of pervs as anyone else. When Apollo 12 went to the moon, the guys who put together the astronauts 'cuff checklists' -- small booklets built into their spacesuits -- included some interesting reminders of what earthlings look like:But that's not all -- Andy Warhol's penis was sent to the moon as well:A handful of the art world movers-and-shakers put together this tiny exhibit of their work, including a penis sketch by Andy Warhol (in official circles, it's a stylized 'A' as his initials). The art was then etched into a moon-survivable format and smuggled on board the Apollo 12 lander's struts...the part that's left behind on the moon's surface to this very day. Andy Warhol's tiny, tiny penis is sitting there right now. Kinda makes you look up into the sky at night and think a little bit harder about your place in the universe, now don't it?(via greg)

Sexy Movie Space Babes

Dark Roasted Blend has an excellent set of images documenting hot space babes from film and TV -- and it's not Star-Trek-hottie variety this time. Barbarella, of course, is heavily represented. I never saw U.F.O., but, damn, purple-haired alien chicks are hotter than I expected. We should all savor the 1960s female liberation that defined sexy, huge-breasted women as a sign of a better future!