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Latex Alien Suit!

DeviantArt's Latex Kittie is an expert in latex bodysuit designs, and below you can see her attempt at an Alien from Alien. Success? I'm not so sure; it looks far less like Gieger, and more like, well, boobs and balloons. Not that there's anything wrong with that; I'm sure the customer interested in this costume isn't the kind that fumes over mixing up Han's blaster from New Hope with the one in Empire Strikes Back. One you commit to being a latex dominatrix xenomorph, your goals are not cinematically driven.


Facehugger Corset!

OK, I first have to say: this is not how a facehugger attaches to a person. It's called, colloquially, a "facehugger" (actually, the larval form of the xenomorph) because it attaches to the face, inserting an ovipositor down the throat, to place an infant xenomorph in place for incubation. That said, if I were a facehugger, gently cradling a woman's boobs is the second most awesome thing I could do. By Rage Custom Creations.


Calling Spacemen!

The seventies were downright fucked up, and not just because of Disco. In 1976, a progrock group wrote this "anthem for World Contact Day", as the song to welcome aliens to planet Earth. Not content to leave the song in the hands of LSD-dropping economics majors, The Carpenters did the version below. I was pretty young, but think to yourself: you've got the mainstreamiest, white-breadiest of groups singing not just about - but directly to - alien spacecraft that are coming to our planet in peace. It's like when you learned that the My Name Is Earl guy is a scientologist: you just can't see where it was that things made a left turn into crazyville. Here you go: