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Accidental Porn Star!

There's only so many ways to get into a porn film. Have big tits, have a big dick, have few scruples or plenty of self-confidence, or you could just be this guy and his wife, who ended up as extras in a porn video on their honeymoon. I'm sure few people who can combine the phrase "porn video", "honeymoon", and "wife" can be so G-rated about it, but then not everyone in porn is as lucky as this guy. Apparently, explaining to his wife how he even found the video was harder than anything, as you might expect. Wait - watching porn on an iPad? How bourgeoisie. Watch it for yourself here.


Men Dress Wives!

Holy fuck, just look at her. The Daily Mail asked men to give their wives makeovers, and show us how the men dressed their best gals. She's all dressed frumpy, and that bow thing in her hair, jesus christ! Is she wearing Star Wars boxers outside her pants? Hasn't her boyfriend ever seen a wom- oh, that's the "before" photo. She's dead sexy when her bf dressed her up. Note her response to her 'new look': "I want to cry. I look like one of those women who trawl nightclubs," which means her boyfriend either needs to head for the hills or start saving up for therapy. Weird body-image issues - and, get this, she's a fashion assistant. I've known fashion designers (those goth-geeks in college, remember?) and they all dressed crappy, too, but just wait until the models she works with hears what she thinks about how they dress.


Sexiest Couple!

Adam & Eve Productions, with the help of the people behind Star Search, are looking for the Sexiest Couple In America.

Why are they looking for this sexy couple? So the sexy people can have sex on camera! Duh. From what I've read, if you're a couple and you want to get into porn, it ain't that hard. I suppose the $250,000 contract is the thing competitors are after.