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Liquid Lapdance!

There really aren't a whole lot of sex toys for men, compared to the acres of dildoes you can find at the adult bookstore. There's something new for guys, now: it's called the Liquid Lapdance, and it helps you orgasm while enjoying the strip club. It's pretty much lubed rubber underpants, like scaling up a Fleshlight's liner to miniskirt size. So, you lube it up before hitting the town, then as a stripper grinds on you the lubed parts stroke the shaft, and then you walk around the rest of the night in a lube-and-sperm dreamworld. I'm sure creepy guys will find plenty of unsavory reasons to wear it in public, but I'm sure there's plenty of non-creepy reasons to wear these someplace other than a stripclub. Like, doing sit-ups in the morning -- I can improve my core, and get off at the same time. I'll never be late to work again!

Union Stripclub!

The Service Employees International Union handles all sorts of jobs: healthcare workers, government employees, strippers, janitors, and--well, yeah, strippers, but more particularly the Lucky Lady in San Francisco, the only unionized strippers in the U.S.. Then, in 2003, it became a worker-owned communistic utopia -- but, sadly, it closed this past weekend, leaving the nude-girl market to the flashy and sleazy stripclubs of the modern day.