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Rubber Undies!

I haven't worn rubber undies since I was 2 and still wetting the bed, but then I guess I was just a fashion trendsetter. William Wilde has designed rubber latex underwear for men; no word on if it comes with a free carton of diaper rash creme. I'm sure these aren't meant for daily-wear, and more for the kind of event where nobody's underwear stays on for very long. Apparently Mr. Wilde is usually a conniseur of wrapping the female form in rubber, so I guess he's branching out into the untapped market of men who want glisteningly-smooth crotches. Is there a "Barbie's Boyfriend Ken" line?


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X Marks The Spot

Aw, man - I need to upgrade my browser or something. All I'm getting are "X"es where the good stuff should be. Or maybe she changed some URLs and forgot to update her nipple files. Anyhow, this is definite proof that X marks the spot when it comes to hot gothy chicks: