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Never Met A Gay!

An awesome quote from the time of the Supreme Court decision legalizing homosexual acts:
"I don't believe I've ever met a homosexual", [Justice] Powell replied. Chinnis said that seemed unlikely. Later the same day, Powell came back to Chinnis and asked, "Why don't homosexuals have sex with women?" "Justice Powell," he replied, "a gay man cannot have an erection to perform intercourse with a woman." The conversation was especially bizarre not just because of its explicit nature but because Chinnis himself was gay...

This is why, people, you don't want others to make decisions about your private life - that is, unless they know the right person to ask about the rights and wrongs of it. There's probably somebody, within arm's reach, who can give you the other side...and if not, you lead a sheltered life and should not be deciding for the rest of your society what is morally just and responsible.

Gay Porn = Suspended!

So, let's say you want to film a porno, to get a little scratch for tuition. Um, well, when the tuition goes to a Christian school, you might want to rethink your choice of career. Dude, like with Miss California - don't you fucking realize that Christians are the ones who disapprove of your life? Getting nude, being gay, performing in porn: those are all things that Christians say are against their moral fibre. If you think any or all of those are fine, you shouldn't be enrolling at a school which specifically says some or all of those are against their moral expectations. People send their kids to private religious schools because of their Conservative bent. You want to get naked, you want to fuck strangers for money, excellent - but stop pretending you're some good Christian, recognize yourself for what you are. Christian Conservatives get way too much support from stupid people who don't know any better. Mr. Gay Christian: keep doing your porns, go to a public university, and your life will be happier if you be Christian in your own porn-loving, boy-fucking way. Fuck the Christian establishment.

Jack Wranger on Fresh Air!

Jack Wrangler, gay porn icon (although he, so to speak, dipped his toes in regular porn, as well as other arts) died recently, and Fresh Air found an old dusty recording in their archives of an interview between Terry Gross and Jack Wrangler from 1985.

Same Sex Kiss Day!

Go ahead, smooch somebody with the same genitalia as you - it's Same Sex Kiss Day! Understandably, most men would rather watch girls kiss than catch The Gay from kissing another guy, but, Jesus Christ, guys, it's as hot for women to see you kiss some guy with 5-oclock-shadow as it is for you to watch babes snog. You might get a foursome out of it, and if he's not The Gay either, there should be no worries about being expected to blow some guy; it's not "Same Sex Blowjob Day", that's in October, I think.

Sweden: Same Sex Marriage!

Yet again, Sweden proves they're a better country than the United States: the entire nation of Sweden has legalized same-sex marriage, thus making those Swedish Bikini Team (wait, what?) fantasies all the more hotter, amirite? The United States should fear this development, though - when sinewy, blonde busty women can marry each other, what chance to fat, grubby Americans have? None, that's who.