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Halloween Costumes: Cavewoman

Halloween Costumes: Lesbian Witches

Halloween Costumes: Sexy Maid

Halloween Costumes: Republican Worldview

"That's disgusting, her making me all horny by having her breasts right there - let's cover them up, so nobody can see them, and so they know not to look at them, write 'censored' right across those sweet, tender nipples. Now, nobody will be tempted to look at her chest with lecherous desire anymore, right?"

Halloween Costumes: Sexy Fairy

Would someone please point Sexy Fairy in the right direction? She appears to be lost out in the barn.

Halloween Costumes: Sarah Palin

Halloween Costumes: Witch, Priest, Slut

This gallery gets just as hardcore as you'd expect (with some pretty funny pics, actually) - a priest (I hope he's been tested), a witch, and a chick-in-red-generic-slut costume end up in the bedroom. It proves, yet again, that going to a halloween party as a nun or priest is the most likely way to get laid.

Halloween Costumes: Slutty Fairy

"Hey, there, fairy, what sort of magic powers do you have?""Any guy who takes me upstairs and fingerbangs me gets his wishes granted!"

Halloween Costumes: Snow White

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