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Priest: I Had Sex!

Father Cutié, or as I prefer to call him, "Daddy Cutie", has been sticking his dick where the Pope wishes it wouldn't go. The charismatic priest, who had been photographed "frolicking" on the beach with an attractive woman, has admitted that he has been fucking her, too. It's not a casual relationship, and he may one day marry the woman, but that pesky vow of celibacy has gotten him removed from his duties. Hey, Cutie: there's non-Catholic religious leaders who can fuck all they want - don't let the Pope fool you, because it's all the same god. Like I've said before: don't fool yourself that you can slip one by on your church; find one that fits you better. I haven't been following Cutie that much, but he seems to embody the more tolerant aspects of Catholicism; I hope he gives some of that to an Evangelical branch, they need something to water down the crazy.

Halloween Costumes: Witch, Priest, Slut

This gallery gets just as hardcore as you'd expect (with some pretty funny pics, actually) - a priest (I hope he's been tested), a witch, and a chick-in-red-generic-slut costume end up in the bedroom. It proves, yet again, that going to a halloween party as a nun or priest is the most likely way to get laid.