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Bruno's Ladyboy Friend

Bruno, a/k/a Sasha Something-Cohan, is in Berlin for the launch of his umlaut-loving character's new movie, also called Bruno. To do so, he signed up some models, hired some knitters, and made some full-body nudesuits so he could go hang out at the Brandenburg Gate. I mean, who hasn't wanted to be fakenude at the Brandenburg Gate? Below is one of the pictures...I'm feeling a little confused; that one on the right is extremely attractive to me. I'd like to think it's for the body underneath, and not the suit itself. Unless they made the bodysuit to match the body underneath. Which still doesn't necessarily turn me off to him/her.

Dalek Chicks

Ever wonder what the hot Dalek females looked like under all that armor? Here's your chance to find out. This trio decided to attend some geek convention dressed up in skirts and boob-enhancing dress, which, duh, makes them attention whores, but creative attention whores nonetheless.

Sexy Maid Service!

No, you don't get to touch them. No, you don't get to make them clean the toilet. But for $125 Canadian (or $500 US), a naughty maid will come dust and clean your house. I think this is asking for a lot of cute maids to end up sexually assaulted, so I hope they have some safeguards in place - because this is the awesomest cleaning service ever.


Merry Christmas, Y'all - put on your best Christmas outfit and go visit Grandma and Grandpa!

Halloween Costumes: Sexy Maid

Halloween Costumes: Sexy Fairy

Would someone please point Sexy Fairy in the right direction? She appears to be lost out in the barn.

Halloween Costumes: Sarah Palin

Halloween Costumes: Slutty Fairy

"Hey, there, fairy, what sort of magic powers do you have?""Any guy who takes me upstairs and fingerbangs me gets his wishes granted!"

Halloween Costumes: Snow White