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More Hot Pepper Nipples!

Beacon apparently didn't think the original album cover was naughty enough - they well totally topless for this version, which seems to have all the same songs, just more nippley:

DIY Turntable!

It's not just a, "buy $5,000 worth of parts and you'll have an excellent turntable," but far more home-brew geekery at work. Build your own record player, using such awesome parts as a Harley Davidson valve and bearing, and stepper motors taken from hard drives. His turntable can kick your turntable's fucking ass.

Eat Her Hot Pepper!

Her pussy may belong to daddy, but Beacon got its money's worth with that song - it appeared again on "Hot Pepper", an equally naughty collection of triple-entendre laden songs:

Pussy Belongs To Daddy!

In the catalog of "Records CR/LF Wishes He Owned" is this one - "My Pussy Belongs To Daddy," a treatise on pet ownership, combined with a number of other songs with strangely sexy titles. The cover doesn't give you that impression, does it?

Listen to the title song >>

Record Store Day!

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, so head down to that funny-smelling storefront with the surly biker behind the counter, and give him a hug - he deserves it! It's one of those 'made-up' commercial holidays, like Free Comic Day, any of those New Car Events at Trusty Al's Car Lot, or President's Day, but that doesn't make it any less awesome for celebrating vinyl records.

First Direct-to-Vinyl Recording!

I'm not sure what a "Duke Special" is (sounds like a "reverse cowboy" mixed with a "wet sambo"), but The Duke made history recently by performing for the first direct-to-vinyl live recording in an estimated 30 years. I couldn't find specifics on how they recorded 'direct to vinyl', as usually a lacquer, ceramic, plastic, or metal mastering disc is usually the intermediate between live and vinyl. But, anyhow, it's probably the truest recording made in decades, avoiding digital degradation or tape hiss; if only everything was tube-controlled, it would be the most awesome recording event ever.

Tom Waits: LA Rock!

Tom Waits is a huge character on his own, but the way he describes L.A. during his formative years, he was the most grounded person around him. GQ interviewed Waits in what seems to be part of a series designed to make cool musicians feel old.

Black Flag / X Roundtable!

I'm kinda surprised punk people - especially Rollins, who still kicks ass without bothering to take names today - are willing to sit down and do interviews that make them seem, well, old, but GQ rounded up some of those west-coast punk old-times, including Rollins, to chit-chat about their carefree youths.

Iggy Pop: French Lit Jazz?!?

Iggy Pop, best known for being the skinniest person to appear on The Adventures of Pete and Pete, is planning on releasing a Jelly Roll Morton-inspired album of jazz dedicated to French sci-fi literature. Every god-damned word in that sentence is soaked in awesome and glazed with kick-ass.

Kiss The Sky!

Do these still exist anymore? Sadly, fewer than ever before; I remember my dad taking me to Mother's Records down in Fargo, when it was housed in an old wooden church, across the street from two other churches. At eight, I knew what the bongs behind glass in the back of the store were for, but I wasn't about to admit it. The old church was torn down to build a strip mall in the 80s. Dan Kennedy, late in life, gets himself a job behind the counter at one of those rare remaining independent music stores, and tells us all about it.

RevCo's Sex-O Olympic-O

The Revolting Cocks are still putting out albums, even though Ministry has disbanded? Encroyable! Sex-O Olympic-O is coming out March 3rd, and it may be the first time in a long time I'll buy a new CD. Some dude's review here.

iPod Boobies!

Ah, isn't there anything that isn't made better by redesigning it in boob-form? Not only are these a boob pillow, but they also double as iPod speakers. Technology is wonderful!

iPod Boobie Speakers

All the office girls have iPod speaker docks on their desks; every damn one of them is geometrically ugly, sounds like crap, and doesn't actually fit their iPods very well...but, well, they spent a hundred or more on a fancy MP3 player, they're going to dress it up how they see fit. Me, I like the one seen below: it's worthy of being a centerpiece of my livingroom, and I can plug in my ten-year-old Diamond Rio into it and rock out...I'd play lots of bass, just to watch those mirrored nipples really go!


Karaoke: World's Worst Invention

It seems so obvious: karaoke has been deemed the most annoying invention ever. Well, you know, as a cultural force, it has been very important: it's probably a big force behind the creation of the Idol shows across...well, OK, that's probably working against it. How about this: it lets you detect, very accurately, who's really, really drunk. I think, right there, it's worth the money.

Love, Tequila, and Tampons

When you're Courtney Love, nothing comes easy. You're minding your own business when gerbils and ghosts impede the recording process, but you've got the time to pull it all together: a feminine hygene company and a tequila distiller have dumped $30 million in your lap to keep working - so what's a girl to do? The source of all this information appears to be Courtney Love's MySpace administrator, which lends everything said that air of respectibility and truthfullness that only a person whose job has "myspace" in the title can provide. The new album, formerly slated to be released on New Years' Day, is still forthcoming, pending the interference of studio gerbils.

Eartha Kitt Passes Away

Poor Eartha: she passed away today at age 81. For a gal that purred naturally no matter what she said, she was a perfect candidate to play Catwoman on TV, but she was also well-known for standing up for the rights of women and blacks during the fifties and sixties. Passing away on Christmas is only fitting for a gal whose version of "Santa Baby" was a super-classic.

Kids On Album Covers

As you've probably heard, Scorpion's Virgin Killer album cover got Wikipedia into some hot European trouble, but it's not the only sexy pre-teen album cover: Anorak has 19 others for you to look at.

Madonna: Un-Catholic!

Madonna, often seen wearing shapeless Amish dresses during her performances, has run afoul of a Pinochet-loving Catholic Cardinal. "Her shameful behavior provokes a wild and lustful enthusiasm," he said, "Thoughts of lust, impure thoughts, impure acts, are an offense to God and a dirty stain on our heart." The cardinal then continued with the mass honoring former dictator Augusto Pinochet, celebrating the former military leader's decade of torturing citizens and causing dissidents to "disappear." But, Madonna, well, the Catholic Church needs to have standards of behavior, you know...

Found: One Piano, Bench

Someone unfamiliar with the concept of a "Walkman" apparently tried to take a piano concerto with for a walk in the woods. Sadly, they only got the piano so far before abandoning it. Police, of course, making the best use of their time, have made this a priority case because there appears to have been a rash of piano thefts in the area.

Tom Jones Is Poor

Sadly, former international superstar and man of mystery, Tom Jones, has been utterly crushed by the economic slump, and he has resorted to singing on a streetcorner, begging for money. Mr. Jones was reportedly singing next to an open, empty guitar case full of women's dirty panties, begging people for money - any money - but no more panties.

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