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More Hot Pepper Nipples!

Beacon apparently didn't think the original album cover was naughty enough - they well totally topless for this version, which seems to have all the same songs, just more nippley:

Eat Her Hot Pepper!

Her pussy may belong to daddy, but Beacon got its money's worth with that song - it appeared again on "Hot Pepper", an equally naughty collection of triple-entendre laden songs:

Pussy Belongs To Daddy!

In the catalog of "Records CR/LF Wishes He Owned" is this one - "My Pussy Belongs To Daddy," a treatise on pet ownership, combined with a number of other songs with strangely sexy titles. The cover doesn't give you that impression, does it?

Listen to the title song >>

Naughty License Plates!

Ohio, in order to cut back on the number of douches requesting naughty license plates, have released their list of banned vanity plates. While Ohioans may be out of luck, those of you in Idaho, South Dakota, or Montana, where the DMVs aren't quite as bright, now have a list of ideas to go through next time you need to renew your plates. (via)