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Car Exhaust Speakers!

Looking like a statue of a running octopus, iXoost is a speaker made from a racecard exhaust header. Why? Because fuck you, that's why. Not only that, it's an iPod dock, because if there's one thing you want to do with thousands of dollars of speakers is make it primarily compatible with a meh-level audio source. But, when the objective is to look good, I guess this is a step up from Bose, so I'm sure there's an audience for these out there.


Bass Egg!

There's a soon-to-be-released product called the Bass Egg, which is pretty much a speaker without a cone: it's designed to make any surface the woofer cone, in theory with the right surface it'll be more effective than a regular speaker. Now, Howard Stern knows how to use bass to a woman's benefit, so you audiophile guys better have one installed in the bedroom. Disconnect the midrange and tweeters, crank up the Skrillex, and she'll reach orgasm before the drop.


iPod Boobies!

Ah, isn't there anything that isn't made better by redesigning it in boob-form? Not only are these a boob pillow, but they also double as iPod speakers. Technology is wonderful!