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Record Store Day!

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, so head down to that funny-smelling storefront with the surly biker behind the counter, and give him a hug - he deserves it! It's one of those 'made-up' commercial holidays, like Free Comic Day, any of those New Car Events at Trusty Al's Car Lot, or President's Day, but that doesn't make it any less awesome for celebrating vinyl records.

Kiss The Sky!

Do these still exist anymore? Sadly, fewer than ever before; I remember my dad taking me to Mother's Records down in Fargo, when it was housed in an old wooden church, across the street from two other churches. At eight, I knew what the bongs behind glass in the back of the store were for, but I wasn't about to admit it. The old church was torn down to build a strip mall in the 80s. Dan Kennedy, late in life, gets himself a job behind the counter at one of those rare remaining independent music stores, and tells us all about it.