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Captain America Chopper!

Count your pennies, baby: the "Captain America" chopper from Easy Rider is going on the auction block. Several were made for the film by Cliff Vaughn, but the mint models were all stolen during production. This one is the bike that crashed at the end, and the director gave it to Grizzly Adams, who worked on restoring it. The style is so iconic they make custom kits just of the Captain America, but drive the real thing around and you'll be the cool kid on the block.


Turntable Tits!

Last week it was cold enough that your nipples could cut glass, but I still don't think they'd work very well as a turntable stylus. Didn't stop this lady from trying, though.

Aside from her amazing fashion sense, let's take a look at Boobs McGee's album collection. There's a couple more albums than in the picture below, but all together we've got:

Unfortunately, I don't have a high enough resolution picture to tell what her nipple-singles are.