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Skin Tight

Next in our history of boner-pleasing, cock-teasing album covers comes this selection from Marty Gold called Skin Tight -- the drums, of course, are the reference intended, right? A naked, hot brunette with a tight ass would have nothing to do with the 'skin' in the title, of course.I will say, however, out of all the sexy album covers I've done so far (aside from Whipped Cream and Other Delights, which is the greatest album ever), Skin Tight is actually a kick ass album; I recommend it if you find a copy.And, of course, if you happen across a copy, you can excuse yourself by emphasizing how good the music is -- sure, it's the equivalent of saying you buy Playboy for the articles, but, hell, a little white lie never hurt nobody.I mean, just look at her -- the jacket, sadly, credits neither the photographer nor the model, but I'd wager it was the best photo shoot ever.