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Huge German Penises!

The ASEAN region has put together an infographic representing penis size across the Pacific rim. Largest? Indonesia. Smallest? North Korea.

Now, the link below disparages some of the data sources: how can North Koreans with large penises respond to the survey if they're all in work camps? The study that the data came from may not have used properly-vetted sources, so the infographic might have more to do with statistical rigor than actually putting a yardstick to penises.

Second: Germany ranks quite high, but probably thanks to modern medicine. Germany is top for penis augmentation, so if the average is 5.7 inches and 18% of German penises are enlarged, that would make - bear with me, doing some advanced math here, it has been a while since high school algebra - the normal average penis size in Germany is 3.3 inches, and the 18% of augmented penises average 16.6 inches long. You'd think the doctor would stop at 10 or 11 inches, but, hey, if Germans are anything it's stickers about excellence in product design. Maybe North Korea could up their game by throwing in a few 28-inch penises to game the bell-curve.


Hot Chicks on Crazy German Album Covers

As you've probably noticed, I'm a fan of old album covers. A couple weeks ago, I picked up a wacky-looking German album at a thrift shop, just to see what was recorded on it. Sadly, it was polka music (should I have been so surprised?) However, the back of the album sleeve, with its catalog of other records from Maritim, had enough hot, come-hithery West German babes (along with some artsy nudity) to make the purchase worthwhile: