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Erotic Museum: Bust!

The financial crisis is hitting everyone, including erotic museums. The first to fall: Museum Erotica in Copenhagen has lost some potential investors and teeters on bankruptcy. Unlike the supposed 'porn bailout' in the U.S., the Museum Erotica is, well, a museum, which means it exists largely as a benefit to society at large - doesn't that deserve a bailout? Come on, Sweden, you used to be the erotic world that you care enough to make sure their museum keeps its doors open.

Penis Tone Or Bust

These are always the best articles in the world, even though it's a totally half-assed way to be a newspaper reporter: newsflash - obscene slang words didn't always mean what they do now, and people used them in city names! Makes me want to establish a town called "Cock and Ball Torture, Minnesota", and claim it's actually the ancient indian name for these lands, and it just sounds like something else, you pervert. Go, Cock and Ball Torture High School Football - yay team!(via)

Kissing Capital Of The World!

Guanajuato Mexico, for a short time, was totally not the place for lovers. Strict anti-obscenity laws spawned the accusation that kissing in public could result in arrest. Whoops - who knew that making a kiss illegal would result in bad publicity? It's not like people like to express and receive tokens of love, in public or otherwise. The mayor has turned things around: he says that he wants to see more kissing in his town, despite any embarrassment caused to children by the act.

Topless End In Vegas

The Tropicana, a fine, fine example of Vegas naughtiness still in business, is, sadly, ceasing their topless dance revue. "Les Folies Bergere" was more than a stripclub, but a performance full of boobies and burlesque, which makes it all the more sad. As artistic expression involving nudity declines, people will only associate it with pornography. And, really, any lost opportunity to see breasts is a sad, sad day. Get your tickets, quick: March 28th will be the last performance; make sure you note that the 'adult' performances are later in the ! day. (via)

Brothel: Thank-You!

Purchase incentives are everywhere. Buy one get one free, 10% off if you apply for the credit card, free MP3 player upgrades - but a brothel in Nevada has come up with an excellent idea: enjoy the company of their fair employees, get a $50 Discover gift card. According to the article, it's only if you drop at least $300 at the Shady Lady, which isn't too hard to do in a brothel (believe you me!), and that amounts to 17% off...not bad! I just got a "$15 off your $100 purchase" coupon from OfficeMax in the mail - it's a sad day when you get a better discount buying sex than getting ink for your printer. (via)

Poop Fuel!

San Antonio is making poop work for them, by collecting methane gas from the decomposition and converting it to fuel. Like San Antonio needs another reason to smell like ass, am I right? Eh? Anyone? Um. OK, I've never been to San Antonio, and I'm sure it smells fine. Until they get their poop fuel working, that is.

Re-book For Sexxxotica

Secaucus, NJ, had a problem with Sexxxotica in their town - too much sex, too much booze, too close to a daycare - so Sexxxotica is moving down the road to Edison - no booze, less impressionable children nearby - which is better off for everybody. Still, if you'd been planning on bringing your business to Secaucaus hotels, better re-book: you'll be too close to their preschools and alcohol for them to want your money.

Church = Sex Club!

Reverend John Ondrik has asked his community to allow him to operate a church out of his home, with services starting at mindnight on Saturdays. Sleuths, however, have discovered that the church services provide quite a bit of service: the good Reverend's address appears to be the location of a swinger's club. A look at the swinger's club website doesn't have any address that I could find, although the address connection comes from this swinger's ad site; this swinger's club listing recommends contacting "John or Kim," the couple applying for the church permit. Don't worry, folks: you won't get much churchin' if you go the the Ondrik's late-night masses - you'll get something far more enjoyable!

Best Bathroom In the US

Wonder where the best bathroom in the USA is? Head down to Nashville, stop in the Hermitage Hotel and have a wizz within its unbridled beauty. The pisser here at work has a picture of a boat on the wall, and a permanent wet spot in front of the urinal. No wonder we didn't win.

Ugly Women Wanted

...not here, anyway -- but parts of Australia with a high men-to-women ratio aren't picky. The mayor of Mount Isa, an outback mining town, made some comments about how ugly girls could find a partner in his town, which, of course, sparked outrage among the local women who take an exception to being called ugly or desparate, and respond that the guys aren't all that great to look at, either.

A Guy's House

David Parsons has deep pockets, but an understanding of what he needs in a house. He's built himself his ultimate guy house, complete with workout rooms, fireplaces, barbecues, and all sorts of stuff guys wish they had more space devoted to. He's nicely understated, not like some over-the-top model home which uses car logos and motorcycle themes on everything. Most unique, and smartest, innovation: two dishwashers. One has all your clean dishes in it; as you dirty them, they go in the other dishwasher. When it's full, you run it, and the first dishwasher is the 'dirty' one -- hence, no need for cabinets to store your daily flatware. This guy is the smartest guy eve! r.

Behind The Green Door

People like me will snicker if you paint your door green, but if one of your neighbors is a brothel called "The Green Door," you really should expect people looking for sex showing up at all hours of the night. The green-door-non-brothel owners have a good sense of humor humour about it, but may paint their door blue in the near future, for obvious reasons.

The Twin Cities

The Frisky has a 'guide' to Minneapolis/St. Paul, just down the road from here. The SK gals and I did a roundup in 2005, and Smitten Kitten (at a new location, apparently) is the only overlap. Either the fun stuff we found has disappeared, or there's definitely more than anyone can fit into a quick round-up; my guess is the latter is true. Lili's Burlesque looks like it's still around, and out of everything we saw this was probably the coolest; too bad Frisky missed it.

Keeping It In The Family

Mom painting dairy-cow spots on the walls, son helps out, little sister running the front counter -- and it's a sex club. The Power Club in San Francisco is a drug- and alcohol-free establishment, providing a safe public place to act out sexual fantasies, and it's family owned and operated. Current talked to the family members, and found out their worst problem is the opinions of those who'd never use the sex club.

Hollywood Swingers

Find yourself anywhere Hollywood, Florida today? Swingfest 2008, a swinger's convention and sex-toy-show, it going full-swing! Oh, is that a swing and a miss? Sorry for the crappy puns -- back to Swingfest: It's running through the weekend, so you've got plenty of time to swing on by.

Most Innovative Brothels

Cracked, who apparently can't write unless they're counting something, has a list of the most innovative brothels in the world. While none seem to have anything to do with robots, I guess altering the whorehouse business model can be seen as innovative, if you're a MBA with an interest in managing fucking establishments.Of course, I'm all over #3, the Soaplands, those soapy-with-sex brothels in Japan...the name came because Turkey objected to the name 'turkish baths', so soaplands was was chosen. Too bad about this rule, though: like a lot of higher-end prostitutes in Japan, it's off-limits to foreigners.via

A Change Of Scenery

I've heard of Fantasuites like it was an imaginary gag on some sitcom -- but I'll be damned if it isn't the real deal. Now, I'm sure there's gonna be a billion blogs out there giving FantaSuite crap for being 'weird' and 'perverted' -- and it's easy to see why when they give stuff like this -- it looks like a bad porn scifi set:
But, come on -- if you're looking for a fun place to go fuck, the Holiday Inn Express might be smart for business travelers and their escorts, but it's not exactly a hot venue. An Egyptian Temple? The hood of a '73 Delta '88? It's a freakin' Delta 88 -- those have practically conceived 10% of Gen Y'ers out there. The best fantasy suite I ever fucked in was one that looked like a trashy 1970s motel just off the interstate...and, by god, it was a trashy 70s motel just off the offramp. Those places are the kind you run across accidentally; not everyone has all that luck, so Fantasuites fills in the void in people's love lives.


I've never been much of a stripclub guy, never saw the appeal. Naked enhanced women wiggle around, and you're not allowed to touch them? Sounds like torture, not fun. I've been to strip clubs, and been bored more than anything. Partly makes me feel like less of a man, because I can't get into it.

'Norm' (not his real name) gives me a bit more insight into it. He's not some leering, sleazy guy looking to get off with a stranger. He's well-groomed, professional, and a family man. Plus, he spends around a grand every year on VIP passes for his favorite stripclubs. the SFGate interviewed this Norm, and gives us some insight into how Norm handles himself, respectably while still partaking in a vice, partaking in something many communities are striving to do away with. He enjoys himself by becoming emotionally invested in the dancers, a class of employee who usually exists to be impersonal with their clients, a body without a mind. Norm knows the dancers, and has a good time about it.

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