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Porn Shoot!

I live in a boring place. When I walk down the street and look in people's windows, I see fat people sitting on couches, beneath paintings of old men praying or jesus and school pictures of grandkids. This guy walks past a hotel, and sees awesome tits in the window. Or maybe I just need to look in more windows, I dunno. Anyhow, he has more pics, apparently done at an Aloft Hotel someplace.

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A Change Of Scenery

I've heard of Fantasuites like it was an imaginary gag on some sitcom -- but I'll be damned if it isn't the real deal. Now, I'm sure there's gonna be a billion blogs out there giving FantaSuite crap for being 'weird' and 'perverted' -- and it's easy to see why when they give stuff like this -- it looks like a bad porn scifi set:
But, come on -- if you're looking for a fun place to go fuck, the Holiday Inn Express might be smart for business travelers and their escorts, but it's not exactly a hot venue. An Egyptian Temple? The hood of a '73 Delta '88? It's a freakin' Delta 88 -- those have practically conceived 10% of Gen Y'ers out there. The best fantasy suite I ever fucked in was one that looked like a trashy 1970s motel just off the interstate...and, by god, it was a trashy 70s motel just off the offramp. Those places are the kind you run across accidentally; not everyone has all that luck, so Fantasuites fills in the void in people's love lives.