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I've never been much of a stripclub guy, never saw the appeal. Naked enhanced women wiggle around, and you're not allowed to touch them? Sounds like torture, not fun. I've been to strip clubs, and been bored more than anything. Partly makes me feel like less of a man, because I can't get into it.

'Norm' (not his real name) gives me a bit more insight into it. He's not some leering, sleazy guy looking to get off with a stranger. He's well-groomed, professional, and a family man. Plus, he spends around a grand every year on VIP passes for his favorite stripclubs. the SFGate interviewed this Norm, and gives us some insight into how Norm handles himself, respectably while still partaking in a vice, partaking in something many communities are striving to do away with. He enjoys himself by becoming emotionally invested in the dancers, a class of employee who usually exists to be impersonal with their clients, a body without a mind. Norm knows the dancers, and has a good time about it.