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Statue Tits Anger Clergy!

I read about this a few days back, but nobody had a good picture - until now. An innocuous antique shoppe has a statue outside, holding up a sign, but a local priest has a problem with the statue's erection-provoking cleavage. The pirate chick statue isn't nude, or particularly naughty compared to the beach, but there's enough skin to make a priest uncomfortable, which has encouraged the church to take out its rage on the little old ladies running the antique shoppe. Remember, antique shoppe grannies are the most insidious of pornographers.

College Students Watch Porn!

...and they're watching it as a student association event! UC Davis is showing "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge" to students interested in such works of art, which means they'll probably have to turn people away. If it were posted by the Sacbee a day later, I might think it's a April Fool's joke, but it seems Digital Playground does college screenings on a regular basis. As the LAist article states, UCLA's screening of Pirates II had more attendees than the other movie screening where fucking Alan Rickman showed up. Porn beats Rickman yet again.

Pirate School!

The University of Chicago is producing the ninja-fighters of the future by offering a class on pirate culture, allowing "egghead" students a taste of privateering on the high seas. I envision them all looking like this after graduation. Ten-to-one there's at least five guys in the course who have spent over $100 on a Jack Sparrow costume in the past five years.