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History Student = Slut!

This is totally not what I would have expected: History students have the most sex, followed by politics, philosophy, and economics. The economics dweebs have more sex than the art students, the music students, the athletics students? Ah, there might be the rub: the smart, sexy sports players with scholarships and their names on billboards want to be politicians and economists. Who heard of a running back aspiring to teach high school art? Put them in a classroom of undersexed nerdy history-major chicks, and you've got a perfect storm of sex. And gonorrhea, but, well, college isn't perfect.

College Students Watch Porn!

...and they're watching it as a student association event! UC Davis is showing "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge" to students interested in such works of art, which means they'll probably have to turn people away. If it were posted by the Sacbee a day later, I might think it's a April Fool's joke, but it seems Digital Playground does college screenings on a regular basis. As the LAist article states, UCLA's screening of Pirates II had more attendees than the other movie screening where fucking Alan Rickman showed up. Porn beats Rickman yet again.