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Heidi's Soapy Candy Dish

Heidi's getting herself -- and her thong -- nice and clean for anybody interested in sampling her 'candy', so to speak . Me, I'm happy to sample it in the bath, so I'm sure it's pure and clean. She sure looks pure and clean, right?

Tiffani In The Bath

Tiffani peels off her purple dress and tries her best to get clean...I think she needs a little help, though; I volunteer to start at her nipples:

BlackAngel's Big Soapy Tits

She's a "big boobs star", and it's not easy to miss just how big a boob star she is. Taking a bath with panties on seems kinda odd, but I'm not going to kick her out of the bathroom just least not until she's done with me.

Erica and a Buddy In The Bath

As the old adage goes, water conservation means bathing with a friend -- these bosom buddies make sure that they get nice and clean.

Bad Girl Butt In The Bubble Bath

Aw, she doesn't look that bad, despite appearing on a 'bad girl butts' website...she's taking her bath like every good girl should -- although, if I were there, I'd be tempted to make her a very, very dirty woman.

Billie's Bubble Bath

Billie enjoys her bath...a little too much. I don't have the hard to interrupt her, but there's another part of me that she'll appreciate when she's done with her solo fun.

Sonne Snow White In The Bath

Rammstein's video for Sonne takes the Snow White myth and turns it so, so very naughty -- Snow is a drug abuser, forcing the dwarves to mine her 'gold' while punishing them for their efforts. Hey, if the spanking part floats your boat, more power to you, but I'm all about Snow White in the bubble bath:Um, yeah, she's supposed to be dead, but we all know -- Snow White really isn't dead, she's just sleeping. Snow is played by Joulia Stepanova, "a Russian soap opera star," but that's all I can find on her; the Russians have enough spare time to fill my mailbox with spam, but not enough to post pictures of their soap opera stars. Some priorities.

Sasha In The Bath

Sasha's dark hair and opaque eyes might not seem all that inviting, but my guess is after she relaxes in the bath, lets the warm water flow between her breasts and legs, she'll much more receptive to whatever you've got to give her...

Meggan In The Bath

A pretty smile, a willing attitude, sudsy bubbles to splash around in -- Meggan knows everything I like!

Leixa Gets Soapy at Met Art

I don't know how Met Art does it -- they take such great pictures without them looking either cheesy or slutty. Leixa, the young lady below, managed to get herself clean while making me feel oh so very dirty; I think that's her objective, and she's delightfully successful.

Ann-Angel Gets Clean

I've seen this Ann-Angel set before, and I still love taking a few minutes to admire her:

Tasty Julie Gettin' Soapy

Sure, Julie doesn't do much than caress soap suds onto her body, but...hey -- how is that anything to complain about? My complaint about bath movies is there isn't usually enough soapiness. The video here loops, so you could, quite literally, watch it all day and she doesn't get bath-wrinkly in the least.

Cali Logan, Soapy and Ready

Meet Cali, who made a common mistake of wearing her swimsuit into the bubble bath. Oh, don't worry; she's remedying the situation, and will let you watch to make sure she does it right...and, oh, baby, does she do it right -- both pictures and video are available.

lesbian bubble bath video

These two lovely ladies look like they started out with an innocent bubble bath together -- and don't all cooperative baths start out so innocent? -- but, of course, things got way out of hand...however it doesn't look like anybody is complaining.

Emily 18 Bubble Bathing

Emily 18 makes sure she's a squeaky clean girl -- but if you need a bath, I'm sure she'll help you with some dirty, dirty fun:

Crissy Moran Havin' A Bath

Crissy Moran makes some suds and washes up those huge breasts of hers. She's so classy, you know, she wears her earrings into the bath. Just watching her bathe makes me feel a bit unclean -- there's a dirty, dirty part of me that Crissy could rub some suds onto!

Two Gals Smooching In The Suds

They start out nice and bubbly, but these friendly gals lose the suds a little too soon for my liking...although there's no reason to stop watching. My dick still thinks for me sometimes, you know!

Huge Fake Breasts Get A Little Bubbly

Well, there's not a chance in hell that I'd kick this beautiful asian honey out of my bubble bath, even if her nipples right a little high -- I'm sure her breasts get ogled quite a bit, and the nipples are positioned to stare right back!

Shayla Model in the Bath

Young lady Shayla Model isn't afraid to get her long, dark hair wet while she suds up in the bath.

Cleaning Up Innocent Eve

Lovely blonde Innocent Eve pulls her long hair back into a pony-tail and takes a not-so-innocent bath, letting the bubbles wipe her naughty body clean. Sure, there's pics -- but she's got a little video, too.

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