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Watch Them Pee!

The Shimmy Club in Glasgow, Scotland, has decided to install two-way mirrors in the girls' bathroom, because, why the fuck not? There's nothing sexier than women doing gross things when they think they're not being watched. Sure beats hanging out in an outhouse pit I guess. Me, I'd rather, you know, not watch a girl I've never met pee, and then try to have a conversation later. Usually that's done in reverse order, after being in a relationship for a while.


Harvard Kink Club!

Harvard, the place conservatives say creates antichrists, is doing one better for the student body: the school has approved a kink club, which gives the club the same rights as any on-campus organization, such as the ability to organize pep rallies and have a float in the homecoming parade. I don't know, I didn't go to a big fancy college like Harvard. Anyways, they admit that BDSM is a big component, but any sort of kink is welcome, so expect two semesters before the whole place is full of Bronies. It's bound to happen. But good for you, Harvard, for admitting that the adults inside your hallowed ivory tower like fucking in all sorts of crazy ways. Kudos to you.