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Plunger Blow Job!

You'd think, by the time it passed her lips, she'd have realized that something wasn't quite right about that dude's cock. Maybe she's just really far-sighted and can't see anything directly underneath her nose, but the taste should have been a clue. Any which way, if the dude can hide his entire package in that plunger, she'll have more fun with the plunger anyhow.


Guys Give Better Blowjobs!

Holy crap, this blows my fucking mind, it's so obvious. Women give blowjobs out of the desire to please their partner, but without really understanding what it's like to get one. Guys, on the other hand, appreciate just how fucking awesome blowjobs are, so if you're planning on getting a blow job, find a guy to give it. No, this doesn't make you gay, it means you are a connoisseur of oral sex. Connoisseurs of anything know that to get the best, you go to the best, regardless of how unlikely. It's like that creepy dive bar in the industrial park who makes the best hamburgers in the world: you might think it makes you a redneck loser to hang out in a dive bar, but it's really about how fucking good the burgers are.

How To Give a Blowjob!

Sorry, guys, this article isn't for you (well, unless you want to learn how to: that threesome you've been asking your woman for might not be MFF like you think) - how to give a blow job is a useful tutorial to lots of women out there; I like oral, most men like oral, as long as it's done right. One caveat, if you're a woman uncertain about her oral sex talents: a huge number of men can't orgasm just from oral sex. I'm one of them - but you need to remember that it's not because the blowjob is bad. More than likely, his orgasm meter is sitting at about 85%; it just can't get any higher that way, but you're blowjob is pushing him most of the way, and that feels freakin' good. Do it until you get tired of it, then move to something else - just because he didn't come doesn't mean you weren't good enough, it means he spent 10 minutes so close to an orgasm that he could barely stand it.


If your dick feels too much teeth when you're getting a hummer, you might want to invest in the Blowguard. This is a horseshoe of silicone, designed to fit over the lower teeth, to protect delicate bits from the sharp edges therein. Not content with just that, the front edge of the Blowguard has a tiny vibrator inside, to add to the experience. I'm one of those guys who doesn't cum from a blowjob, but I do love going down on my gal, and the blowguard works well for her, too, at least according to this review. I haven't got one yet, but Gracie might have to splurge a little! (via)

Blowjob: To Be Arrested!

Malaysia, what a wacky country - first, government official Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek 'accidentally' ends up on a sex tape, shown getting a blow job. It's not enough that he resigned and had his life destroyed over a hummer: they now intend to arrest the blow-jobber under "Section 377A of the Penal Code for carnal intercourse against the order of nature". So, young lady, just step forward and identify yourself as a young woman paddling against the flow of nature, and all will be right in the world. We just can't have people giving blow-jobs willy-nilly.