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Teacher Fired For Boobs!

So, let's say you're a sexy-as-hell teacher, and you're not attracted to your students? Well, just pose for "tasteful nudes", and people will go full-on ape-shit over your behavior as if you had fucked a student. I mean, really, I can't imagine Miss Sprauer did this without thinking about how it might affect her college-degreed career. Anyhow, that career is gone; she apparently has told the world she's quitting teaching to be a full-time model, because if there's one thing that's a lifetime career, it's topless modeling. I mean, seriously, who ever heard of a teacher retiring after fifty years on the job?


Gym Teacher Hooker!

So, this hot gym teacher starts work as a prostitute. Business picks up, so the educator decides to make some money on the side and open a brothel. First step is to recruit his wife to help with the business. Wait, um...what? A husband and wife team have been arrested for operating a brothel, and both are cited for having sex for money. Sadly, he's now lost his job over this (which shouldn't have surprised him), but - even worse - the wife is out on bail, while he is still in custody.

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Sexy Teacher: Not Allowed!

Are you somewhat hot, and plan on working with children for a living? Don't bother, it'll be used to make your life harder. A teacher in the U.K. as been reprimanded for posting lingerie photos online and participating in "sexy" contests, because, according to parents, it is inappropriate to accept your sexiness in a positive and self-affirming way, if kids are going to know you exist. She should come over here to the U.S. - for the time being, if you're hot and working in an adult form of entertaniment, "it's the recession's fault."