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The Stats Are In!

The stats are in -- Pornhub has released its 2014 Year In Review! High points: "step mom" porn is on the rise (break our your amateur video camera, make some stepmom porn, and you'll be on your way to porn stardom before you know it!), mobile porn has beaten sitting at your computer desk, Brazilian women like to watch porn, and Mondays are big days for getting off. If you're like me and are painfully aware of what bandwidth costs for hosting, 130,000 terabytes a month of porn must be fucking expensive.


No Google Glass Porn!

After MiKandi released their porn app for Google Glass, the powers-that-be at Google quietly rewrote their TOS to exclude adult content from Google Glass applications. For being the "cool" kid, Google is being just as lame as Apple when it comes to adult content. C'mon, Google, don't be that guy.

Anyhow, MiKandi now has to trash all their hard work and come up with an app with fewer boobs. Like it's even worth the effort. If you can't carry around douchey electronics and watch porn in public, I don't know why I'd even buy technology at all.