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Sex Monsters!

Looking for something sexy to do tonight in New York? The show "Sex Mosters" opens at No Romance Galleries. The show, a collection of works from a variety of artists jumps off into the deep end of sexual depravity, which is just the way they like it in TriBeCa, or so I'm told. More examples of the art here, much of which seems to be photography, multimedia collages, or a mix of the two.


3D Printed Cocks!

You know, there are times when I look at that foot-long vibrant purple fake penis in the window of the local adult bookstore and I think, "why aren't there more realistic fake penises in this big wild world?" The New York Toy Collective has teamed up with a 3d printing upstart to produce anatomically correct plastic penises scanned directly from the real thing. My first reaction, just looking at the picture? My god, they're tiny. Eh, but who am I to judge, somebody paid a couple hundred bucks for that little plastic cock, so they must not be complaining.