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No Google Glass Porn!

After MiKandi released their porn app for Google Glass, the powers-that-be at Google quietly rewrote their TOS to exclude adult content from Google Glass applications. For being the "cool" kid, Google is being just as lame as Apple when it comes to adult content. C'mon, Google, don't be that guy.

Anyhow, MiKandi now has to trash all their hard work and come up with an app with fewer boobs. Like it's even worth the effort. If you can't carry around douchey electronics and watch porn in public, I don't know why I'd even buy technology at all.

Google Glass Porn!

As with any new technology, as soon as porn gets a taste of the tech, it takes off - so you can expect Google Glass to become the standard for facial interfaces because in mere minutes somebody's going to make a Google Glass porn app for the masses. The app company MiKandi is just about ready to release it, even though only other app developers actually have Google Glass, but we all know how horny programmers are. They'll make eleventy-gillion dollars despite only twelve pairs of Google Glass have been sent out. It's that good. Just look how much Megyn Kelly loves it: