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The Saddest Brother!

Saw this on Gracie's site, it evoked a chuckle...It's like how the best barber in town has the worst haircut. There's some things that just can't happen.

Watching Her Own Porn!

WoodRocket - the people behind the "reading topless videos" - has added a new series: pornstars watching their own movies! If you ever wanted to see how the sausage feels about watching the sausage get made, here you go. One nice thing about WoodWocket's behind-the-scenes videos is that they really show pornstars as real people, with real jobs, that just do a lot of naked things for their paycheck. Sure, who wants to watch themselves at work anyway?


Accidental Porn Star!

There's only so many ways to get into a porn film. Have big tits, have a big dick, have few scruples or plenty of self-confidence, or you could just be this guy and his wife, who ended up as extras in a porn video on their honeymoon. I'm sure few people who can combine the phrase "porn video", "honeymoon", and "wife" can be so G-rated about it, but then not everyone in porn is as lucky as this guy. Apparently, explaining to his wife how he even found the video was harder than anything, as you might expect. Wait - watching porn on an iPad? How bourgeoisie. Watch it for yourself here.