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Talk About Penises!

I'm behind the curve a bit, as this is the first time I've heard about this documentary My Penis And Everyone Else's, from 2007. It documents one British gentleman's struggle with having a tiny penis, and how the world around us deals with penises in general. For as obsessed as culture is with how women look, penis self-image tends to be ignored or banished into one of two extremes: bigger is better, or size doesn't matter. The guy in the documentary shows that it's a bit more complicated than just that simple dichotomy. Go watch the entire documentary here.

Watching You Watching Porn!

Ever wanted a good, close look at somebody while they masturbated to pornography? Me neither. However, art knows no boundaries, so using a interrotron, a filmmaker has documented what the average person's face looks like while watching porn, interspersed with them talking about their attitudes about pornography. Using a teleprompter, porn is displayed in front of the camera, thus forcing the subject to stare creepily into the camera, like that weird-looking weatherman you met at the bar that one night. You can watch it here.


VH1, all this week, has been running a series called Retrosexual: the 80s. Granted, it's VH1, so you'll probably see this same series over...and over....and over......and OVER.....but I'm amused so far.

The favorite one I've seen so far is all about Taboos. All about condoms and masturbation and homosexuality and pornography -- one might want to remind the current Republican administration that all this occured during the reign of the gretest elephant president we've had...GW might want to stop cracking down on obscenity if he wants to be seen in the same light.

I'm also pleased that the commentators on the show are NOT the same as the "We Love The [decade]" crew. There's only a couple obnoxious unfunny comics (I'm pointing at you, Jonny McGovern), but the rest seem to have some actual thoughts on the sexuality of the 80s. As with all the reminiscumentaries that VH1 pops out every coupla hours, the thoughts of the interviewees are edited down to sub-soundbite length and pieced together with an impersonation of actual context. For the sexual content, nobody really sounds drooly about the content...except maybe the aging rappers, who are allowed such shenanigans by nature. And that Amy Sohn - she's kinda cute on her own, isn't she? She wore pigtails to the VH1 shoot...I'm a fool for pigtails. She and the other sexperts are pretty much all modern sexperts...young, female, and new on the scene; two others I cought from the super-fast name flashes on the screen are Logan Levkoff and Anka Radakovich...It's too bad that the 4-word quote snippets they put in the show really don't tell much about these 'experts'...I may have to do more research!

Why am I watching TV instead of paying attention to my lady? Well, she's not getting back into town until this weekend. She's such a get-around lady...too bad I can't always go with, otherwise I'd be much more of a clingy, loser sensitive guy instead of watching sex shows on cable TV!

Oh, and go have a read of the "Behind the Green Door" review I did over at Sex-Kitten...not my greatest work, but the movie is worth a watch.