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Porn Is Evil!

Time to set up the DVD player, gentlemen: a new movie is coming out called Harmless, and here's the synopsis. "It's the story about a husband and father and his battle with a box of porn that is found in the closet." Now, I've battled with boxes of porn before, and their vulnerabilities are limited, but I think I could take out a whole box of porn in less than the length of a feature film. The guy in the synopsis is a Christian, of course, so we can't expect him to be able to put up much of a fight, least of all against porn of all things. Christian obsession over pornography proves just how deadly a pair of boobs can truly be, I guess I'm just acclimated -- like The Dread Pirate Roberts of pornography or something. The trailer and poster apprently are trying to say that women with their hair combed over their faces randomly appear when you watch too much porn, and it hasn't happened to me yet, so my porn consumption must still be within acceptable parapsychological tolerances.

Christian Sex Toys!

Business is good for the Christian sex-toy store. Their tone is friendly, their website is clean and nudity-free, and it seems that they haven't gotten any/many complaints from the religious-sex-complainers. They carry a lot of what Sex~Kitten does, but it goes to show that it's all in how it is presented...items bought from a sinful shop are sinful, items bought in a Christian shop are holy.

Despite scriptural condemnation of an act, a business operating under the name of God is allowed to continue? Jesus would be proud. Being a non-Christian and all, I'm not condemning the business -- gosh, open more toy stores, people! -- but I find their religious slant questionable. It seems more to please customers than to please God, which is dubious when selling products designed to satisfy sexual lust.