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Because FleshLight has a lot of money to throw around, the dating-tips tweety Simple Pickup -- which seems to only focus on skeevy pickup lines -- has been given $10,000, which they're hiding around LA hidden inside fleshlights. So, West-Coasters, if you find a FleshLight lying in the street, just shove your fingers in there and pull out what's inside! If you're lucky, it'll be money -- if not, might need to get some shots, but fortune favors the bold, don't let it discourage you!


Fleshlight Inventor!

Ever wanted to know who came up with the Fleshlight? Here's the whole sordid, nasty story, and by "sordid and nasty" I mean "logical development of a well-selling product by an entrepreneur who wanted to quit his day job". Dirty, dirty stuff. I still don't own one, despite all of Kevin Smith's encouragement, and I've used a rubber vagina before so I'm not too squicked out by the idea -- but if buying a Fleshlight will help make prosthetic feet for elephants, I may have to start saving my pennies. For the elephants, of course.