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Ron Jeremy Almost Died!

Glad to hear you're doing better, Ron, but yesterday it looked pretty bleak. Ron Jeremy, king of fucking for a living, had a heart aneurysm, which required some emergency surgery and some time in the ICU. Apparently, fucking thousands of nubile young women does have a negative health impact. We're all sending out best wishes, Mr. Jeremy, hope you get better soon.


Ron Jeremy: New Movie!

Here's how Ron Jeremy describes a new movie he's in: "If aliens could see the Earth the first thing they'd notice is satellites. What's the biggest thing on satellite? Porn. What's the biggest thing in porn? Me. The aliens infiltrate my penis and it severs from my body during a sex scene and runs along the floor and starts a killing spree.." Um, sounds like a freakin' classic, dude. Still, it's always nice to hear Ron Jeremy talk about his life and business - they guy is always so grounded and approachable; it's no wonder women like to see him in porn. He's the guy they all want to date: friendly, funny, and with a huge dick.

Stay Off Drugs!

It seems to be quote week here, but this is a good one:

As they found fame in the 70s and 80s, many of Ron's co-stars fell into drink and drug abuse. But somehow he managed to avoid the excesses and lead a more "normal" life.

He says: "I was always offered drugs. But I never did them - I enjoyed life enough already. I don't need substances to make it better.

--Ron Jeremy, in a Mirror interview

Who'da known I had so much in common with Ron Jeremy? My big cock and startling stamina aside, I'm deeply impressed with this statement. I've refused drugs all my life for the very reason he describes: life is enjoyable enough already. A career as a professional sexual object can't hurt either, but even in little ways life's a great thing to be experienced.

Speaking of life's pleasures, I get to see my girlfriend tonight. She's drug-free as well, but that's not my only RonJeremyish characteristic I plan on demonstrating for her, if you catch my drift!