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Tooth Brushing!

The modern toothbrush was patented in 1857 - you know how I know this? I watched this educational video featuring Stella Maxwell and Dennis Klaffert getting all up in her oral hygiene. Nothing beats a good tooth-brushing by a guy with tattoos all over his knuckles.


Tooth Brushing!

Following the vein of soft fetishes, I saw this quite a while ago and found it buried in my bookmarks just now. I'm not sure if I'm turned on just by cute girls showing off their pearly whites, or if there's actually some merit to the erotic viewing of toothbrushing.

Women's mouths are always a sexy part. Tie this with the tongue page from a few days ago: not only do mouths show emotion, but they can DO a hell of a lot of things -- if a woman's mouth hasn't tasted a little come in her life, she's living a sheltered existence. Mouths are facinating on many a carnal level. I like mouths. Mmmmm.....mouth.