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Pubic Hair!

Artist Rhiannon Shneiderman wants you to consider pubic hairstyles, juxtapozing it against all the ways men can style their facial hair. If only pubic hair was stylable, aside from shaving it - two pigtails to hold on to, now that would be how I'd style my pubic hair. Or, weave it into a sleeve for my penis during the cold months - it'd look something like this:


Be Careful Ladies!

You aren't being very careful, fashionable women: injuries while shaving your genitals is too, too high. Largely, the problem affects women in their twenties and thirties - but men in their thirties and forties. One: ladies, be careful, we like our vulvas intact. Guys: I know the rumour is that shaving makes your junk look bigger, but that's an old wives' tale, so unless you're trying to attract old wives (not that there's anything wrong with that) you should just leave your pubes alone. I'm a fan of a little furriness down there, so trim, gentleman and ladies, don't shave: it's too dangerous.