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The Handie!

Is masturbating with a plain-old hand not good enough? The Handie is here to help! Although most of the photos show it as a disembodied hand, the Handie is more than that: it's a rubber glove, ribbed for your pleasure, with a built-in vibe and lube repository, so you can whack off with the highest level of technology possible. They have a leftie version on the way, too, so if you want you can just get your female partner one of each! I'm not sure what the 'loops' at the bottom do, but I'm afraid to ask.


Autoblow2 Reviewed!

Not too long ago, I brought you information on the Autoblow2. Brian Sloan, maker of the Autoblow2, saw my post and offered me a review sample of the new toy. How could I turn it down?

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Autoblow 2!

The Autoblow - you can find it here - has a new model out: the Autoblow 2 will be released soon, and its inventor is doing the publicity tour schtick. The stupidest questions tend to be the first question: "Why?" Um, media asshole, the answer is: dudes love spraying their sperm all over the place. Anything that helps a man blow his load has a profitable future. So if you're a web journalist posed with questioning an inventor about the improvements in his cum-collector, you should probably expect your interview to go better if you don't try to make a guy talk about getting a guy to blow his load in a robotic vagina right out of the gates. Ease him into it, ask him about fucking robots, then get to the orgasmic potential of his mechanical wonder.