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Mini Penis!

All the guy wanted was a free car, and he found just the opportunity: To earn a free Mini Cooper, all he had to do was tattoo the word "mini" on his cock. The contest, run by - of course - a German radio station, asked listeners for the craziest thing they'd do to win the Mini, and this guy, of course, had to take it to Dick Tattoo Land. Everything in Dick Tattoo Land is a combination of WIN and regrets. Even better: he got the ink live on the radio. Sadly, even if he was well-endowed, the psychological impact of that word on his penis means every woman's reaction is going to be: "aw, is that as big as it gets?"

Washing The Mini Cooper

If a big racecar makes up for tiny dick, you should check out my tricked out Cooper Mini - a small racecar means...well, you get it, right? Why don't you get that sponge and a bucket and soap up my "cooper", if you know what I mean:

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