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Men's Pantyhose!

I almost put this under "fashion", but there's nothing fashionable about pantyhose with a penis reservoir. Really? Like, thousands of other styles of men's undergarments that don't have a penis-pocket, but THESE, yes, here's where we realize it's needed. My guess is this is some 4chan/b3ta prank that got released to the wild; I can't imagine this being comfortable or pleasurable, unless you're a crossdresser who just needs his penis 'out there'. Otherwise, when else do you want to look like a woman with an uncircumcised penis from the waist down? I mean, that only crosses my mind every couple months, not often enough to warrant buying special clothing for it.


Duck Jacket!

I put a fashion category on this site because I abhor most other men's fashion blogs. The effeminite hipster-rapper look is not me. But, having the aesthetic and character of Ron Swanson means I am unable to gush about the things I do like, and have little first-hand opinion of clothing which I do not own, which is why posts have slowly tapered off. I may have to come up with a new method of posting men's fashion, but here's something I've put on my wish-list, a light duck jacket that's new from Carharrt, because I continue to ruin my leather jackets by wearing them while I work, so I need one of these. So there you go.

Rubber Undies!

I haven't worn rubber undies since I was 2 and still wetting the bed, but then I guess I was just a fashion trendsetter. William Wilde has designed rubber latex underwear for men; no word on if it comes with a free carton of diaper rash creme. I'm sure these aren't meant for daily-wear, and more for the kind of event where nobody's underwear stays on for very long. Apparently Mr. Wilde is usually a conniseur of wrapping the female form in rubber, so I guess he's branching out into the untapped market of men who want glisteningly-smooth crotches. Is there a "Barbie's Boyfriend Ken" line?


Silky Pajamas!

I'm usually a denim and 50/50 poly-cotton t-shirt kind of guy. Nothing fancy, nothing frilly or overindulgent, something comfortable and unremarkable.

Then I see this. God damn, this has to be the most girly thing I've ever seen. For cryin' out loud, it's made by a lingerie company called "Lovely Day Lingerie". But you know what? I would totally wear the shit out of these if they weren't just boxers--aw, fuck yeah, they come in full-length pants.

Seriously, guys, silky pajamas are awesome. Guys used to wear pajamas all the time, but it has since fallen out of fashion and guys just wear underwear or go au naturel to bed. If your job doesn't allow you the luxury of wearing nice clothes all day, remember you spend a third of your day in bed. Try out some silky pajamas, they're comfy, cool, don't bind while rolling around in bed, and they just feel great. I used to have a couple pair of silk boxers that I wore until they fell apart, and then I forgot about them. Good thing my birthday is coming up, eh, Gracie?