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Duck Jacket!

I put a fashion category on this site because I abhor most other men's fashion blogs. The effeminite hipster-rapper look is not me. But, having the aesthetic and character of Ron Swanson means I am unable to gush about the things I do like, and have little first-hand opinion of clothing which I do not own, which is why posts have slowly tapered off. I may have to come up with a new method of posting men's fashion, but here's something I've put on my wish-list, a light duck jacket that's new from Carharrt, because I continue to ruin my leather jackets by wearing them while I work, so I need one of these. So there you go.

Carhartt Clothes!

Carhartt has announced their 2011 spring/summer fashion line, and it's deightfully classic in style. The jackets, in particular, are pretty awesome - there's the denim one below, and a camel cold-weather coat that I couldn't find on their website. The jeans aren't too bad either. Too many vintage-style tees, but, hey, at least they'll let you tell who the hipsters are. Note that the 'Freshness' link below has four pages.


Black Satin Jacket!

Here's a cool satin jacket for you: black-on-black details with stitching accents, it'll make you look like you won Satan's Dart Tourney. It's also designed by, like three different things, so its awesomeness must be multiplied.

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Travis Bickle's Jacket

Everyone with a stubby mohawk needs one of these - a replica of the Taxi Driver military jacket. It's sorta like "V is for Vendetta", but without the high-minded anarchy: