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Lou Doillon, Interview Magazine

is not shy in front of the camera, as she proved for the August 2008 issue of Interview magazine:

Don't worry, gents: she does prove that, underneath that dress, there's a naked lady waiting to be ogled by the likes of you:

This is one flasher who wouldn't warrant calling the cops...unless the policewoman was hot too. And brought her handcuffs. I'll take my chances with just the gal in the trenchcoat for now:

Once upon a time, I could've joked about how this gal is playing with Monopoly money, with it's artsy pictures and funny colors, but now that the dollar is tanking I have to be content with the fiduciary pleasure of this woman's 'safety-deposit box':

Hey, cutie, how's about -- HEY, THAT'S UNCALLED FOR. Bitch.

Such complicated underwear, so much fun to watch her wiggle out of it:

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