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Flower Farters Eight!

It has been a while, so I thought maybe the fad had passed: no, flowers stuck in women's asses still seems to be a thing. That unconscious desire for men to believe women's asses are akin to a flower is alive and well in the porn world.

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Ass Tape!

Jesus Christ, Juanita, you need to stop eating so much before bed. There's only one solution to avoiding fuck-farts:

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Flower Farter Six!

Farting on flowers must be a huge turn-on, since it seems to be everywhere online. Ass flowers aren't my idea of sexy; move that flower over, I'll feel a bit better about fantasizing about pounding that ass. Flowers just make me feel funny about it.
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Flower Farter Five!

Yes, I'm eight years old. The "flower farter" designation is very literal to me. I imagine, just before the camera's shutter clicked, she farted and then - *pop!* - she produced a flower. That look on her face means, "oh pardon me - wait, what was that noise? Do I smell carnations?"
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Flower Farter Four!

Oh, how asses and flower arranging go together. I believe that mastery of flower arranging can only come once you can use your anus to make a wedding corsage. At least there's plenty of people practicing such talents:
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Flower Farters Three!

Chalk another up for the flower-farters! The only thing sexier than a flower stuck up a women's ass Give me a few minutes, I'll come up with something. *POOT*:

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Flower Farter Redux

OK, if I've found more than one photo like this, completely accidentally, flower-farting must be a valid fetish. Go figure?

Long-Haired Lily Farter

And now, for a nude model who's so fucking hot that she farts lilies: