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Sasha Grey Retiring!

Wonderful news: Sasha Grey is putting porn behind her. The fact that most of the media is saying, "finally, she can give up the crappy job she once had because she has finally made it", but most of the media hasn't really seen Sasha Grey's porn. She could live nicely for quite a while doing that, but porn doesn't last forever either. The fact that she's going mainstream shows she understands the limitations of her previous career and is investing herself into something new, two rather noble acts. To compliment her on putting porn in the rearview is like shaking a retired football player's hand and saying, "congratulations on owning that chain of gyms -- a lot better than playing some stupid game all day, right? Be you're glad you're done with that." Nobody gives a shit when somebody moves from one job to another on the High School Guidance Counselor Approved list; Grey should be congratulated for expanding her horizons and growing professionally, not because its assumed she's escaping something horrible. Thumbs up!

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The Girlfriend Experience!

It must be Film Festival season: Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience is being shown at Tribeca, and a trailer has been released. This is the movie with the - omygod - real life porn star in it! They so rarely have been seen in the wild, except as a joke or when the 'mainstream' actors get weird about sex on screen. I've heard good things about it, but mostly because it's naughty; it will probably be a bit to artsy for people who are looking for titillation.

Hey, cutie, how's about -- HEY, THAT'S UNCALLED FOR. Bitch.