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Do It For Denmark!

Spies Travel is planning on getting two birds with one stone: Solve Denmark's deceasing birthrate by fucking in France! Or Germany, or Greece, or Poland, I'm sure the travel agency isn't too picky where you want to buy tickets to, as long as you go there and fuck your brains out. For the good of the nation, of course.


When it's winter here in North America, it's summer in Denmark, so you know what that means? naked women fishing! They call it fiskepige, which means fish girl, which means girl is "pige" in denmarkian, and that's something you don't call American ladies. Just more examples of why Denmark is the opposite of America, and why we call it the 'land down under'. Anyhow, I do not recommend any woman go fishing while naked, fish fins are very pointy and will cause unpleasant soft tissue damage. Keep fish away from genitals at all costs.

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Boobs Defeat Terrorists!

Something's awesome in the state of Denmark: a Denmarkian politician has announced his plan for fighting oppressive fundamentalist extremism: BOOBS. Citing conservatism's disgust towards the naked human body, Mr. Peter Skaarup figures that as long as topless sunbathing is allowed and encouraged in Denmark, they've got nothing to fear from religious zealots. The Conservative party in Denmark said, come on, how can boobs defeat extremism?, at which point a woman lifted her shirt, causing the members of the conservative party to shriek like little girls, cover their eyes, and run in circles until they crashed into each other, their heads colliding with little coconut noises. As for the naked Denmarkite boobs? Regardless of their antiterrorist weapon capabilities, I say let's keep them out - just in case it works. (via)