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Condom Cookbook!

Oh, Japan, you're so creative. As a way of drawing attention to poor condom usage in Japan, a manga author has put together a book on using condoms. No, not on penises: to quote Twilight Zone - IT'S A COOKBOOK. You might think this is weird, but given some thought, cooking with condoms is just like sex with condoms: put tasty-juicy meat in the condom, don't EAT the condom - throw it away when done, and, um, well, it's about that simple.


Cooking Fail!

Be glad you didn't eat Thanksgiving dinner at Sheila's house. Sure, it looks like she was having fun, but once you're done with all the buttery sex on the butcherblock, you've got a thawed turkey going bad and no cranberry sauce to speak of. Overall, it'll still be a disappointment.

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Motherfucking Steak!

I don't even have a category for food, but I spent enough time reading the truth held within so I figured I better pass it on. This is how to cook a mutherfucking steak. I have to admit, I'm bad at leaving the steak out before cooking and naughty for buying cheap cuts, but other than that I think I've finally, after way too many years of overcooked eye of round, now do a pretty damn good steak.