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Amateur Porn!

Free amateur porn has revolutionized the internet, and not just because it has driven streaming and chat protocols. Porn generally can't partake in normal business advertising channels, so they had to get creative with how to get the word out. Free galleries started the process, letting other webmasters send referrers in hopes of getting a commission on any actual sale. The current version of this is tube sites, where everyone hopes to be called the best amateur porn video site and rake in their own affiliate sales. The industry is concerned that giving away too much for free is hurting sales, but the large number of profitable porn producers - and the fledgling amateur business - would show that business is still good.

Porn Language!

If Brazil wasn't to your taste, try an amateur porn site like Sex Sosas from a bit further north. It's like Rosetta Stone, but with more boobs: if you ever wanted to learn a language, they say you should immerse yourself in a way that interests you: what better incentive than figuring out Spanish porn titles? You'll know what porno tetonas means in no time! I'm sure there's enough fetishes that turn you off to make the Russian Roulette of foreign-language descriptions to further incentivise learning the language. The sex? That's pretty much done the same way no matter where you look, it's a cross-language universal form of communication.

Brazil Porn!

Not getting enough Brazil boobs just by watching the World Cup spectators on ESPN? Partake in some Videos Porno! Tanned skin, dark eyes, long legs, rolling rrrs, it's too bad The World Cup only comes around every...four years? Is that right? That seems too long to watch Brazilian babes bouncing in bikinis rooting for their favorite team. If you're looking for some true porno amadores, pursuing latina pornography is a perfectly respectable pasttime. Sure, I don't understand any Spanish or Portuguese, but, hey, the beautiful language isn't what I'm after. Just call me Rodrigo, roll those rrrs, and you'll have me wrapped around your finger.