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Laurie Washing Up

Oh, Laurie -- why don't you relax in the bubble bath more? You turn on the sprayer too, too soon, washing away the bubbly soapiness. At least there's two good pictures of you lying in the lather:

Marina's Soapy Shower

Oh, Marina, are you that dirty that you need to use so much suds? If you need help reaching your back, just turn around, bend over, and I'll give you a little help.

Kendra's Secret Bubble Bath

"Kendra's Secret" appears to be that she has put photos of her sudsy bubble bath in not one, but two different places online. That tricky, tricky Kendra -- she may need some gentle punishment to remind her not to keep secrets from me:

Once upon a time, I could've joked about how this gal is playing with Monopoly money, with it's artsy pictures and funny colors, but now that the dollar is tanking I have to be content with the fiduciary pleasure of this woman's 'safety-deposit box':

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