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Bunga-Bunga Party!

I don't really understand what one is, but all evidence points to it being the most awesome thing in the universe. Bunga Bunga parties, are, apparently, orgies of such a decadent scale that they make Caligula looks like a Betty Boop cartoon. According to numerous sources on the internet, Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi "learned" them from Muammar Qaddafi, as though orgies were something that didn't come naturally to world leaders. Slate, the fucking wet blanket, say bunga bunga is anal rape, but who needs to listen to those fuckers? The fact that a lothario like Berlusconi likes it, and it likely involved a bunch of naked women, means I can't imagine any reason to turn down a round of bunga-bunga if the opportunity arises.

Topless Italians!

The problem most people have is that the mostly-nude Italians in this classical piece of art are their politicans: Silvio Berlusconi and Minister of Equal Opportunities Mara Carfagna. Insult! they cry, wishing deeply that Berlusconi was also as hot topless as Carfagna.