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Beery Boobs!

It's so sad when someone so young has such a big drinking problem. Just look at her downing that beer: somebody can't hold their alcohol well. It looks like she's just missing the, ahem, support she needs. Maybe she just needs to get things off her chest.


Beer: Manly, Fat!

Women in the U.K. aren't beer drinkers, because, in their words, it's manly, and it'll make you fat, to which Chicago women replied, "who da fuck is you calling fat, beeitch, and I need another Natty Lite o'er here!". Me, I don't drink beer because it tastes like ass and, well, ass-ass. Whiskey cokes are the way to go, men or women; make it a whiskey-diet if you're that worried you're drinking so much that it's your weight to be worried about, Mrs. I'm-OK-To-Drive.