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Oxana's Exhausing Bubble Bath

Oxana appears to be a gymnastic bather; she just can't sit still. She's standing, she's sitting; her legs are up, she's kneeling. She needs a way to burn off some of that energy, and I think I can provide her some physical exertion that should leave her relaxed and happy:

She's ready for you, the bed is made, and she's working her way out of the lingerie:

Donna In The Dark

A soft noise down the hall woke me up -- I slipped on my pajama pants and went to see what it was, faint morning light slipping in between the curtains, my half-erect cock peeking out the fly. In the den I found Donna in just her thigh-highs waiting for me:

Leixa Gets Soapy at Met Art

I don't know how Met Art does it -- they take such great pictures without them looking either cheesy or slutty. Leixa, the young lady below, managed to get herself clean while making me feel oh so very dirty; I think that's her objective, and she's delightfully successful.

Naked Woman Picture Gains Popularity On Internet

The Onion takes a step towards the greatness of the original National Lampoon by combining satire with naked women: Naked Woman Picture Gains Popularity On Internet. The go so far as to show The Naked Woman Picture, lest you confuse it with all the other non-naked-woman-pictures you can find online:Usually, The Onion is known for including friends and family in the articles, but this young lady seems far from Madison, Wisconsin. A bit of zooming in and we can see from whence she hails: Met Art. You know Met Art is an excellent resource when The Onion finds it worthwhile.

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