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I Like Chocolate Like My Sex...

The AV Club has s feature in which they eat crappy stuff and write about how crappy it is. Then, their readers chime in on whatever was eaten. In this case, that second part is what you need to read: the discussion devolved into a "I like my chocolate like I like my sex:" finish-this-sentence competition. Scroll down to the end and read gems like this: I like my chocolate like I like my sex: bitter and lethal to dogs.

Naked Woman Picture Gains Popularity On Internet

The Onion takes a step towards the greatness of the original National Lampoon by combining satire with naked women: Naked Woman Picture Gains Popularity On Internet. The go so far as to show The Naked Woman Picture, lest you confuse it with all the other non-naked-woman-pictures you can find online:Usually, The Onion is known for including friends and family in the articles, but this young lady seems far from Madison, Wisconsin. A bit of zooming in and we can see from whence she hails: Met Art. You know Met Art is an excellent resource when The Onion finds it worthwhile.